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Welcome to the exciting world of street food & mobile catering. Have you got an idea? Streetwize can help you take that idea and make it flourish.

Street Food is starting to really gather speed now in the UK, soon we will see dedicated street food events happening all over the country. We're starting to see it grow rapidly already, from simple street carts to luxurious converted Airstream trailers and quirky French H vans, street food is a revolution and the timing couldn't be better. Cash strapped Britain has embraced the street food scene with 'open mouths', driven by a new breed of innovative food entrepreneurs.

Done correctly, with bucket full's of enthusiasm, love and passion, there is a lot of money to be made in this game. Already there are traders who are being featured on Television with their unique offerings and vibrant personality's. It's also a great way to make a good living, but rest assured, you only get back, what you put in! Be prepared for no sleep, no breaks but big rewards, both financially and well-being.

There are many pit-falls though, this is why you need to get the best start that you possibly can and avoid silly and costly mistakes.

Whether your just getting started in the industry or looking to develop your business further, we can help with the following issues:

- Health & Safety Compliance

- Insurance Requirements

- Menu & Price Planning

- Business Plans, Forecasts & Company Registration

- Successful Pitching for Events

- Profit Calculations

- Specialist Catering Suppliers

- Event Listings

- Food Hygiene & HACCP Training

- Social Media Marketing & Integration

- Website Design & Search Engine Optimisation

- Stall or Trailer Design

- Environmental Issues

- Customer Service Training

- Employment Law

- HMRC Compliance



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If you would like further information about any of the topics above, send us a brief email outlining your area of interest and we will relay to our panel of industry experts, who will reply to you shortly - Email:

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