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Guerrilla Eats street food market heats up the weekend



Guerrilla Eats made its debut in Manchester city centre over the bank holiday weekend, popping up to bring their passion for good quality street eats in their biggest street food market to date.

Located on Manchester’s King Street, the street food market was the Guerrilla Eats collective’s largest to date – with ten North West traders and a marquee dedicated to craft beer. Working in partnership with CityCo, the idea behind the location was to reinvigorate King Street, which has seen a drop off in footfall and is littered with a raft of empty properties.

Guerrilla Eats certainly reinvigorated the area, boosting visitor numbers to King Street by over 5,000 compared with the same day last year. Most of the ten traders sold over 200 portions each; with Fire and Salt BBQ, Moocher and Barnhouse having sold out two hours before the event ended.

Guerrilla Eats King Street Market was designed to give people access to a wide variety of foods; there were sweet treats from Sugar Bun Sisters (try their peanut butter brownie – they’ll leave you speechless), homemade crumpets (so much better than a packet) and loose leaf tea from the quirky eco-tricycle of the Tea & Crumpet Emporium and ingenious pancake fillings from the boys at Pancake Corner. 

It wasn’t all sweetness and delight – for the serious meat fiends there was authentic southern American BBQ pulled pork from Fire and Salt BBQ (and homemade baked beans; never overlook the beans, they are the best you’ll ever taste. Ever) as well as hotdogs from Dirty Dogs, including a peanut butter and bourbon bacon jam creation and juicy piri piri chicken burgers from Barnhouse Bistro’s Chicken Shed, plus forgaed/modern British delights from Moocher Foods.

The savoury stalls were added to by Chaat Cart’s spanking fresh Indian street food (tip - Bhel Puri is the way forward); wood fired pizzas from Streatza and to wash it all down there was Chorlton’s Free Shake Co. selling dairy-free milkshakes – oh and that massively stocked craft beer marquee (with its roof off, to make the most of Britain’s one day of sunshine that Guerrilla Eats was so lucky to snaffle).

It was a lovely day strolling in and out of the stalls and seeing King Street full of happy, content people once again. Many people had come from outside the city to catch up with a genuine food market that makes local, independent traders, quality food and making street food accessible to everyone its main aims. The feedback suggests that many would like this quirky, passionate market to become a regular – putting great food back into the heart (or should that be belly?) of the city centre.

Guerrilla Eats was set up in late 2012 by Mal O’Conner of Fire and Salt BBQ and Sean Robinson of Dirty Dogs. As traders just setting out, they couldn’t afford the fees that some traditional markets were charging and wanted to be able to offer a gourmet product, without passing those high costs to the customer or dropping the quality of their ingredients. Looking around they realised the North West didn’t have an event that was solely dedicated to independent, high quality street food and a place where new talent could be nurtured and supported – and so Guerrilla Eats was born.

Until now their events have been popping up in industrial settings on the edge of the city, such as rail arches and derelict car parks – this was the first event in the city and meant they could make street food readily accessible to many different audiences. Guerrilla Eats is run in a way which shares the costs for each event with all the traders who trade there equally; by avoiding high pitch fees or profits shares, the traders can pass these savings on to the customer and still produce the best quality food at prices that are accessible to all.

All Images kindly supplied by Karen Wright, taken at King Street Manchester.

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If there are any traders (North West based or not) who would like to become part of the Guerrilla Eats family and come to their events and things they do, then please fill in a trader request form on their website and they will get back to you soon. Guerrilla Eats are looking for new traders with exciting food offerings, bubbly personalities and a passion for Street Food as big as ours! So hurry up before it's too late! You can apply via the direct link here...

Who knows where Guerrilla Eats will pop up next and who knows who will be trading with them? Well, that’s all part of the fun!

To find out about Guerrilla Eats events go to Follow Guerrilla Eats on Twitter @guerrilla_eats or like the Facebook page


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